Trade Ideas Standard vs Premium

Let’s face it, it’s never easy to generate good trade ideas. Fortunately, you can always turn to a stock screener to generate quality ideas in an objective manner.

As you know, if you want to be successful in trading, you have to do your business in an unbiased manner. Mix your strategy with emotions and you’re bound to face the music.

Talking about unbiased stock screeners, Trade Ideas is probably one of the well-known ones out there in the world. It’s known for its use of artificial intelligence in guiding decision-making. However, the system is available in a two-tier model comprising a standard tier and premium one.

The standard tier is a good entry-level platform but the fact that it provides limited access to some features makes it less ideal if you want to make the most of Trade Ideas’ potency.

That said, in some cases, you don’t need to shoot for the premium tier. And to help you make that decision we’d like to present you with an apples to apples basis kind of comparison of these two plans.


Both tiers provide access to price alerts, customer support, and education materials. Plus, the platform provides some well-made charts although we honestly think that a few more indicators should have been provided to accompany the charts.

Other similarities shared by the standard and premium tiers of Trade Ideas are as follows:

1. Simultaneous Charts

Technical analysis is the cornerstone of profitable trading (although that’s debatable as some traders swear by fundamental trading). To make sure you enjoy technical analysis, the good guys at Trade Ideas provide you with highly user-friendly charts.

The charts are designed in such a manner that they make it easy for you to conduct a visual analysis of your ideal stocks. Plus, you can always turn to these charts if you want to visually confirm a price alert.

The simultaneous charts are available on both tiers of the Trade Ideas system with no restrictions whatsoever.

2. Brokerage Plus

This is a spanking new tool on the stock screener. It’s meant to help traders automate their trading strategies. With B+, as they often call it, you can execute your strategies directly through your broker’s account.

You can use B+ on both tiers but there are some restrictions if you have a Standard plan. For instance, you can’t autotrade with B+ if you’re on a standard plan.

3. Price Alerts

Real-time price alerts ensure that you can keep your finger on the market pulse. And the good news is that you get up to 500 alerts using either of the tiers.

Of course, you might not even need the price alerts if you’re using the premium plan because you’ll be getting lots of data from Holly (the AI bot). But you can still get the alerts if you need them.

4. Live Trading Room

This is probably the sweetest deal you can get in both tiers. The live trading room is an online training platform where you get to learn from Barrie Einarson.

Barrie is such a cool guy. We like his approach to training and the fact that he helps you understand each and every bit of the TI system.

Although his live training sessions aren’t mandatory, we do recommend attending them so that you can understand the many aspects of the trade ideas system. That’s the only way you can be assured of using your stock screener account to the maximum.


And now, we’d like to talk about the many differences that set these two tiers apart. Obviously, the Premium tier has the most features but as it turns out, some of them might not even be as important depending on your style of trading.

1. Simultaneous Charts

Under the Standard tier, you get 10 simultaneous charts. Yet when you opt for the Premium package you end up with 10 more charts. That’s a whole lot of real estate that you can use to analyze even more stocks so you can make even more solid decisions.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The Holly AI system which has made Trade Ideas quite popular is only available for premium subscribers. A quick note about Holly is that she scours the markets for you and provides you with useful investment insights the next morning.

The beauty about Holly is that she comes in 3 different forms. Each one of those forms represents a different level of risk appetite.

  • Holly – This is the original form of the famed bot. It has a moderate approach to risks.
  • Holly 2 – Holly 2 is the same as Holly only that she has a more aggressive approach to speculation.
  • Holly Neo – For the adrenaline junkies in the house, this is just the right tool for the job. Holly Neo has a highly aggressive approach to speculation and uses unique technology invented by the TI team in real-time.

3. Backtesting Tool

What if you could get a free test-drive before investing in any stock? Well, that’s what backtesting tools are for. And you get them when you subscribe to the premium Trade Ideas plan.

If you are yet to become confident in your trading approach, a backtesting tool can be of great help. Unfortunately, there’s no way to use this feature at the standard tier.

So, while that tier might seem like the best option for a beginner who is on a budget, it limits your access to extremely important confidence-building tools.

4. Pricing

The premium plan costs nearly twice as much as the standard one. But it’s well worth it. In fact, we’d recommend it for beginners as the added tools provide you with a stable foundation for your investment strategy.

The standard package goes for $118 per month but limits your access to important features.  That said, if you’re used to manual trading, the standard tier would probably prove more than enough for you.

Final Thoughts

We have already made out stand known on the standard vs premium Trade Ideas debate. If you want to fully automate your trading strategy, the premium plan is the real deal for you. But if all you’re looking for is a system that provides you with the basic building blocks for success, the lower-priced standard tier might just be all you need.

Trade Ideas Scanner Cost

Trading Ideas is a multimillion stock scanning, alerts, chatroom, and training platform that has been around for close to two decades. To give you an impression of what we’re talking about here, in the period between 2015 and 2017, the company saw its sales revenue rise by $134 and its premium subscriber-base expand by 302%. On top of that, the company officially made it to the Inc. 5000 list, a feat meant for America’s fastest growing firms. That’s indeed a big deal for them and proof that there is a huge demand for their products and services.

On their website, one can find almost anything related to stock trading. You’ll find an active chat room, training courses, alerts tools and AI robots that can help automate your trades. Indeed, the system is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all kinds of traders – be they beginners or experienced folks.

What Makes TI So Successful?

There are quite a few things that come to mind when this question is raised. The truth, however, is simpler than you might think. TI’s success is based on their ability to remain ahead of the pack especially as far as innovations and the integration of advanced technology in trading is concerned.

In fact, the company has been so successful that even would-be-competitors like Warrior Trading by Ross Cameron officially use their tools to scan the markets. Indeed, TI is one among the few platforms in the world that scan more than 8,000 stocks in different combinations, every day. Their AI, Holly, finds different entry and exit signals, day in, day out.

The Cost of Trade Ideas

TI offers you three different service tiers. And the good news is that you can start off with their free package which, though great for test-driving the system, offers a number of limitations. Besides the free tier, there are two premium packages. These are the real deal and that’s because they’re the only ones that present you with real-time alerts.

1. The Standard Package

Going for $118 per month, this plan provides you with quite a few tools that you can use to kick-start your journey. In fact, it’s the most popular choice for advanced traders who are comfortable doing their own market research and setting up their strategies.

What the Standard Plan does for you is that it provides you with access to 10 simultaneous charts and charting tools. So, if you’re looking for the best charting platform for stock trading, you now know where to turn. Plus the charts come with all the tools you need including drawing tools.

Another important aspect of this tier is that it presents you with 500 price alerts per day. This is an incredible market monitoring tool that you don’t want to miss out on. And as you can imagine 500 price alerts are just too many for you to miss a bunch of trade opportunities that can make you some good bucks.

And that’s not all, you also get:

  • The Channel Bar – This uniquely designed bar enables you to create a workspace that suits your unique style of trading. And this way, you can easily customize the trading experience as you’d like.
  • Visual Trade Assistance – We all can do more with a helping hand. And for that reason, the good guys at TI are always by your side helping you make sense of the charts. Best of all, the support team is always online during the trading hours. So if you’re not sure about something you can reach out to them for support.
  • A Stream of Ideas – TI provides you with a pipeline of ideas all day long. These ideas are based on social and derived data that’s generated by taking an all-around look at the markets.
  • One on One Training – This training is conducted by TI in-house team led by Barrie Einarson. It usually runs from Monday to Friday.

2. The Premium Package

Going for $228 per month, the premium package presents you with 20 simultaneous charts and 500 price alerts. And if you’re looking for Trade Ideas scanner cost, chances are that you’d like to know what’s found within this plan. One thing you need to know is that this package actually provides you with everything else that’s found within the Standard Plan – and then some.

  • Entry and Exit Signals – It’s one thing to get trade alerts but another one altogether to know at what point you need to enter or exit the market. Here, you get all that data presented to you through logical assessment tools.
  • Backtesting Tools – This set of tools gives you the opportunity to run a litmus test on different trades before committing your hard-earned money to them. This further reduces your chances of losing cash due to miscalculated trade decisions.
  • Holly Artificial Intelligence – AI is a real game-changer especially for anyone looking to create a custom trading strategy. It’s also a big find for anyone looking to automate their trades so they can focus more on living and less on analyzing thousands of sticks. TI’s artificial intelligence robot is known as Holly and has since given rise to two siblings namely Holly 2 and Holly Neo.

Comparing The Cost

How does TI fare, cost-wise, compared to its main competitors? Compared to Finviz, one of its main rivals goes for $299.50 per year or $39.50 per month. It, however, doesn’t offer you the kind of stuff TI does – and these include AI, backtesting tools, one-on-one training along with incredible charting tools. Then there is the Momo Stock Screener which is known for its great mobile apps, but then it’s no match for Trade Ideas’ chart-based AI trade assistance, 500 price alerts, and up to 20 simultaneous charts.

So, much as TI may sound expensive, it’s actually competitively priced considering the kind of features it brings on board. And above all, it’s an all-around platform which provides you with all the tools that you need to succeed, unlike its competitors which are merely standalone stock scanners.

Final Thoughts Is It Worth It?

Trade Ideas is actually a pretty decent software. Their scanning and charting tools are some of the best the industry has ever seen. And if you’re looking to get started in day trading, we think that having such a system as part of your arsenal would be such a good idea. So, yes TI is worth the cost.

Trade Ideas Discount, Coupon, & Promo Code

If you want to be successful in any line of business, you have to be smarter than the competition. In the world of stock trading, your best bet is to invest in a system that analyzes the markets better than anyone else can. And that’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. And as you can imagine, AI is all about you taking the back seat and leaving a robot to do the heavy-lifting for you. So, the bot scans the markets overnight for you and then feeds you with the details based on the filters you’ve put in place when the markets open.

This way, you end up with all the details you need to make informed decisions. And that’s because the bot leaves nothing to chance since it alerts you on the potential entry and exit points! And while at it, you don’t have to write a single code – meaning anyone, including anyone who is just getting started in trading, can successfully use it to make the big bucks.

In a nutshell, that’s what Trade Ideas is all about. Established in the early 2000s, TI is a highly advanced system that scours the markets for you. The system works by combining the latest tech advancements with historical analytics effectively presenting you with all the details you need to make informed decisions.

How Effective Is Trade Ideas?

For starters, TI is renowned for being one of the few standalone stock scanners that have stood the test of time. The platform offers dozens of integrated scans which enable you to discover unique trading opportunities and in real-time.

It’s no wonder some pundits have dubbed it “the non-stop pipeline of ideas” that every trader needs. Besides that, the system is quite flexible. You can conveniently use it to build your unique strategy or embrace a hybrid variation which helps you to integrate a myriad of techniques through simple, drag and drop options.

And the best part is that TI has evolved over the years to become a system that anyone can use without needing too much explanation. But even then, the company makes good its promise to provide every subscriber (even free subscribers) with one-on-one stock trading training.

And to top it all up, they have lots of videos and free tutorials that one can use for reference. That’s in addition to the fact that their software can either be accessed via a web browser or downloaded as a stand-alone application, especially for technical usage.

And the results speak volumes on the effectiveness of a system that many have seen as a game-changer in the modern-day stock trading scene. In the course of compiling this review, we also checked different reviews posted on different stock trading forums. And the jury is out – even though TI is a bit expensive for most beginners, it’s worth the cost.

In fact, the only gripe we could pick with it is that it can overwhelm you with the number of ideas it sends out on any typical trading day. And fortunately, they have since introduced a filtering tool that helps you to only get alerts for the stocks you’re targeting and your unique style of trading. Further, leading traders like Ross Cameron from Warrior Trading use it – particularly their stock scanning tools. So far, everyone seems satisfied with how the system works and the fact that it’s user-friendly.


TI comes in 3 tiers. The first tier is a free package that anyone can use to test-drive the system. It, however, is a limited platform that presents you with delayed alerts. In our opinion, this one is meant for the fence-sitters or anyone who is reluctant to commit their money without seeing how the system works.

The next tier up is the Standard Package which goes for $1068 or $118 per month. It basically includes all the tools you need to scan the markets. However, it’s not automated meaning you’d need to actively set the systems up and actively track the markets in order to make meaningful trade decisions.

It’s the Premium Package that presents you with complete access to all the features and tools that TI offers. And although it costs $2268 or $228 per month, pundits seem to agree that it has the potential to repay every single cent that you invest in it. Most importantly, it automates most of the tasks leaving you to do just one thing – and that is to launch the trades.

Trade Ideas Promo Code

While TI is a great platform, its high upfront cost might seem insurmountable especially to anyone who is trying to make sense of the markets. Fortunately, it’s possible to cut this cost by using a promo code during the checkout process. This is how it works.

  • Step One: You get a promo code from anyone who is promoting the software
  • Step Two: Initiate the check-out process
  • Step Three: Key-in the promo code (TRADEREVIEW 15) before the final checkout step

Usually, this will help you save as much as 15% on the initial subscription. And all you need to do is copy and paste the code in the blank field which is usually on the bottom right corner of the checkout page and click APPLY.

While at it, it’s important to be keen on ensuring that you only copy and paste the code itself. The appearance of special characters like !, ; and < can make the code invalid. So, use the code (TRADEREVIEW 15) exactly as provided.

So, that’s it – how to save money while making your Trading Ideas subscription purchase. Remember, the upfront cost may be high but if you have a good strategy, you can always recoup your investment in good time.


  • Easy to use promo codes
  • The discount is applied immediately
  • Helps you save as much as $500 off your next purchase
  • Excellent customer support
  • You can always request for a refund within 5 days of the purchase (minus $10 fee)


  • Only a select few sites provide the codes
  • You have to remember to APPLY the code to benefit from it

Final Thoughts

To this end, we can confirm that indeed, Trade Ideas is one of the few sites out there that offer a really good stock scanning software. Their AI is, for sure, worth dying for. On the flipside, though, their services don’t come cheap and that’s why we recommend using a Promo Code on the checkout page.